Monday 3 August, 2:07 pm – Flanders Cross

It was rainy and blowy all night; clear, if gusty, this morning.

I’ve been for a good hour’s walk: quiet, peaceful, a bit of exercise, head clearing. I was thinking of where to go next, how to get on with it. I’ve made no decisions but I feel a little clearer in my mind.

How am I feeling? The cold is slowly clearing itself – but I’m still coughing. And I’m definitely feeling a need for a bit of physical contact with a male of the species. Last night I thought I might stay two nights in Derry, in my own room, with a view towards, um, sharing it, if the opportunity presents itself.

I wrote postcards today.
I wrote postcards today.

The dog and cat are speaking again (the dog had been shorn and bathed, the cat didn’t recognise him). There is a Kiwi, who lives in Hong Kong, here for a wood turning class. Matthew has mastered the Rubik’s Cube. Isabel is working on an art project. Soon Cornelia and the kids are going to Kilkenny.

I was messaging with Tyler last night – he visited Kilkenny in high school. His mum is in Italy right now. He said his life is complicated and will send me an email. Jonathan’s birthday is today and I messaged him … he, too, has promised an email.

The need to travel on is growing.

11:15 pm

My next steps are coming together – sort of. I slogged through the options this afternoon.

I feel … anxious, just a bit, because I’ve gotten less work done here than I’d hoped.

But I have rested and relaxed, I had a cold (which, it seems, the kids have now and I feel quite bad about it). I’m ready to travel more – if not ride quite yet.

The thing is I’ve said ‘yes ‘and offered to help and helped and listened attentively to Cornelia while she’s talked. And she’s a talker. It’s not that I’ve been shirking the work – just not getting through as much of it as I’d like.

I’m leaning toward a 17-hour ferry to France. I’ve emails out with Andrew and Tom – who I would see in the UK, but now, might not.

Glenn’s sister and brother-in-law stopped by this evening with their two and three-year-old kids. They live where he’s from – northeast of Dublin. Their daughter was forthright – which I like in a child (I don’t have to mind) –  an assertive and clear ‘no’ or simple ‘I want to see the dog’ – no waffle or whine with that one.

Hmmm. Sigh. Yup, I need to travel more – and to get back on the bike.


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