The best news of the day is that my Flight Centre travel agent Hannah has sorted me accommodation at the Airport Hotel in Doha at no extra charge to me. Sigh. That is why I use a travel agent. If I’d have booked my ticket on-line I’m sure I’d be shit out of luck.

If my flight lands on time I bet I can be in my hotel room by 11:30 pm and my flight to Milan doesn’t leave until 8:30 am.

Once the new itinerary and hotel voucher come through I’ll write to Hannah’s manager to let her know how happy I am. The itinerary is actually better now – getting to break up the long journey with an actual night’s sleep in a bed, have a shower, maybe even a swim if I feel like it  – I’m sure to feel fresher on arrival in Milan than I otherwise would. Plus I’m now arriving in Milan around 1:45 pm so I won’t be riding a train with a loaded bicycle during peak hour.

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