About Push Bike Diaries

I began Push Bike Diaries as a place to collect writing about, even tangentially, bicycles and bicycle riding.

It has evolved into the blog of my recent midlife gap year. I was travelling from May 2015 to May 2016. Some, but not all, of the trip was by bicycle – through Australia, Europe, North America, Europe (again), Hong Kong and Australia (again).

I was a bad blogger while travelling, I am now catching up. Slowly.

2 thought on “About Push Bike Diaries”
  1. Good luck on your bike journey. Cornelia sent me the link to it and I will keep an eye on your progress. Go n-eirí and bóthar leat (may the road rise to meet you!).

    Love the bike myself but don’t get on it enough for big journeys. Italy is great on the bike though! I’ve followed the Via Francigena from Canterbury (UK) to Rome in 2010. Loved every minute of it!


    Turlough O Brien, Carlow, Ireland.

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