No 9: Bungan Beach – 21 November 2010

First beach of the “summer” — sunny and pretty warm but with a bite in the wind that sometimes whipped up sand. I decided this season that our visits should be less fleeting and more day-trips.

Bungan Beach is 39 kilometres (24 miles) from home in the suburb of Newport on the Northern Beaches.  We took a bus, a train and another bus to get there.  It took a while but was actually relaxing and enjoyable.

We spent about three hours at Bungan — laying in the shade of our umbrella, reading the paper and testing the water.

Bungan is very much a hidden beach — access is on foot from Pittwater Road down a steep path hugged by bush and scrub. As such it seemed most visitors were local families.

It was a nice return to the project: quiet, waves lapping, warm sand underfoot and all the blues of the sky and water.

It was also the first beach outing for my Josh Roelink crafted ghost gum/kookaburra tattoo – then only half-done.

Bungan Beach is in the Pittwater Council LGA, the state seat of Pittwater (Rob Stokes, Liberal) and the federal seat of Mackellar (Bronwyn Bishop, Liberal).

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