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Looks Like I’m Turning Toward Zurich (6 September 2015)

I have two other blogs – both of which are sleeping while I’m travelling. However, the inspiration for one of them has interrupted my journey and changed my course. That it my Learning German with Christoph Waltz blog, where I’ve posted the following: Looks Like I’m Turning Toward Zurich This blog has been quiet while I’ve

Leaving Ireland with Melancholy and Hope

17 – 22 August 2015 (Days 84 – 89 of my Midlife Gapyear) Monday 17 August 11:30 am – Flanders Cross   And just like that, time is fleeting. The Kilkenny Arts Festival is finished and all my new acquaintances have begun to fade away.   I returned to Kilkenny via Dublin sharing a festival courtesy

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