Meeting the People – 50 Days

18 September 2016 King Street is a pulsing artery of pedestrian traffic. It was Art Festival weekend in Alexandria. The weather, while still warm and humid, has turned comfortable and inviting. We had been pushing hard to get volunteers into shifts for this Weekend of Action and a good crowd turn up tonight for our

The Gentleman is Committed to Hillary – 51 Days

17 September 2016 It’s late in the day and I’d planned on writing about seeing Michelle Obama speak at George Mason University yesterday. But that will take actual writing and a bit more work than I can handle right now. We’re half-way through a Weekend of Action for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Goals are raised

Australian. Volunteer. Fan. – 52 Days

16 September 2016 I’m less melancholy today but I still want to finish this story of how I went from politics, to baseball, and back to politics again, and back to baseball as a fan again. I have three favourite stories from the Sydney Olympics. One connected me to Australia. One took years to play

Sweltering for Democracy – 54 Days

I find weather to be a difficult thing to imagine accurately. I lived in Washington DC in the 1990s and know what summers are like here but in the cool short days of Sydney’s winter the battering heat of summer sounded great. Nearly all of the 41 days I’ve been here the temperature has been

At the Coal Face for Hillary – 55 Days

Yesterday, while the organisers for Alexandria made their daily allotment of phone calls to recruit and schedule volunteers they fielded a lot of questions about, and good wishes for, Hillary Clinton’s health. This is both sweet and funny. To be a field organiser is to be as far removed from the nerve-centre of activity surrounding the

How I Became a Den Mother for Hillary – 56 Days

I read something recently which suggested that it’s easier to do things 100% than less than 100%. The argument is that if you are 100% committed to being a writer, say, then you write every day. It’s a priority, not something you fit in around other things. When I came to the United States to help

In July 2016 I wrote and published this piece in the Sydney Morning Herald I grew up in Ronald Reagan’s America and moved to Sydney 16 years ago. I have made regular short visits to the US, but none have been as long nor as important as the one I’ll embark on soon. President Donald Trump

This originally appeared on my Facebook feed: Tomorrow at this time I will be crossing the Pacific en route to Los Angeles. I’ve done the laundry and made my bed – this is as it will be when I come home in 15 weeks. I’ll sleep in it tonight and then not again until either

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