Peanuts and Cracker Jack (Day 149)

Tuesday 20 October (Chicago, Day 149) Here’s a thing about America that I’ve been thinking about – its size and its scale. There is, of course, the story Americans tell themselves about how everyone can do anything, be anybody. But the size of the place, the scale of it, makes me feel small and like

Sweet Home Chicago? Home but not Home

Saturday 17 October (Chicago, Day 146) I have weird feelings around the idea of Chicago as ‘home’. On the one hand, I am intimately familiar with this place. Or, more, I was intimately familiar with this place. But that was in my childhood, in my youth. So, there’s a weirdness in how it has changed

She Brought Me Vegemite!

I was last in Chicago three years ago with my then-husband. We then found bicycles in the crawlspace under my parents’ house. We dusted them off, filled the tyres with air, and used them to get around town. Pulling one out now, I walk it to the nearest bicycle shop.   I thought it just