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No 9: Bungan Beach – 21 November 2010

  First beach of the “summer” — sunny and pretty warm but with a bite in the wind that sometimes whipped up sand. I decided this season that our visits should be less fleeting and more day-trips.     Bungan Beach is 39 kilometres (24 miles) from home in the suburb of Newport on the

No 8: Bronte Beach – 2 May 2010

I’ve always liked Bronte Beach.  It’s among the well-known and easily accessed beaches of Sydney’s eastern suburbs but always feels a little less trodden than Coogee and Bondi. Bronte Beach is 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) from home.   Bronte Beach is home to a great ocean pool , a good sized park with a miniature

No 7: Bradleys Beach – 26 April 2010

  From one of Sydney’s most iconic and well-known destinations at No 6: Bondi Beach to one of it’s more obscure and remote destinations at No 7: Bradleys Beach at Dangar Island off Brooklyn in the Hawkesbury River.     Bradleys Beach is roughly 60 kilometres (37 miles from home). It is, I think, the

No 6: Bondi Beach – 18 April 2010

Bondi, baby, Bondi — THE Sydney beach.  The one everyone has heard of.   When you look at it from the esplanade you think — jeez it’s crowded that doesn’t look like much fun but down on the sand the people-watching and people-listening makes the day.  Its a mini UN of sunbathers; we must have

No 5: Blackwoods Beach – 28 March 2010

  Blackwoods Beach was our first southern beach on this tour.  We visited just after sunrise on the morning I flew back into Sydney from the United States; Mitch collected me at the airport and we went directly to the beach.     Blackwoods is 28 kilometres (17.5 miles) from home.  It’s in Cronulla.  I

No 4: Bilgola Beach – 27 February 2010

  From Basin we pushed the extra five kilometres north to Bilgola Beach.     Bilgola is yet another great beach.  It was at this point in the project that I really began to appreciate the hidden gems we would be finding.  Bilgola is not a beach I would have stumbled upon by accident; it’s

No 3: Basin Beach – 27 February 2010

  We actually hit two beaches this day beginning with Basin Beach in Mona Vale, some 40km north of home.     I really liked this beach — it’s on a wineglass shaped bay which makes it not much for surf. As a native Chicagoan that works for me. Lots of families about and a

No 2: Balmoral Beach – 21 February 2010

  Balmoral Beach, 17km/11m from home, is a on the Middle Harbour and in the well-to-do suburb of Mosman. It was a warm day and the beach chockers with families and small children. Balmoral is named after Balmoral Castle in Scotland (yeah, I can see the resemblance) and was, from 1922 – 1958 the terminus

No 1: Avalon Beach – 31 January 2010

Avalon is one of Sydney’s glamour beaches — it just has that sort of a vibe.  It’s named after a legendary island in Celtic mythology, an earthly paradise and final resting place of King Arthur (Wikipedia).   The TV show Baywatch tried to move here back in the day but the locals said: NO piss off!   It is

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