The Day After – On Resilience

I’ve said much of what I want to say about the events of yesterday on Facebook, mostly in the wee hours, and I’ll paste that in below.   A good friend has said that he can’t wait for me to process this whole trip to the US that I have had because he wants to

The Standard You Walk Past – 31 Days

7 October I’ve just arrived “home” from watching the Washington Nationals fall to the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 1 of the National League Division Series. My hands (from clapping), throat (from yelling), and heart (from losing) are all a bit sore. And what do I find when I check in with the internet? A

Life Gets in the Way Sometimes – 32 Days

6 October Sorry, kind readers, for going silent for a while. When last we met I had arrived in the Blue (Democratic leaning) oasis of Asheville, North Carolina on my road-trip through Trumpland. My destination was Nashville and, more specifically, a first-ever meeting with my birth-mother. So that was strange and good and exceedingly hard,

21 September I learned last night around this time that I have cause to go to Nashville. So I’m still in Alexandria having spent much of the day plotting my course. This morning I took the water taxi from Alexandria to the hotel and convention centre at National Harbor – that’s across the Potomoc River

Planning a Road Trip – 48 Days

20 September 2016 Hi. I’m not really sure what to write about today. My organiser is off at GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Training in some remote part of Virginia, so the house/office is quiet and has been all day. The phone bank captains are getting the usual Tuesday evening effort going in the usual

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