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Movie 2 of 2019: The Favourite – A weird, charming, disquieting film.


Some trailers tell you too much about the film, others skip right over major plot points – the trailer for The Favourite falls soundly in the latter category. I had read nothing, but seen the trailer several times and had heard good things. It was good, very good, while also not being what I expected. All three women in the main roles are excellent – especially Olivia Colman as Queen Anne. I haven’t seen Olivia in many things but when I have (Broadchurch) I have loved her. I think the Oscar-buzz around her performance is a fair call.

Look, it’s a story of the insular relationships within the court of Queen Anne and the way those relationships are forged and manipulated to gain favours. And other things I won’t mention because the trailer doesn’t mention them either but if you read anything about The Favourite elsewhere it’s sure to mention what I, and the trailer, are skipping over.

The film is, at times, shot from weird angles and with what seems like a super wide angle lens. The sound track also features odd repetitive noises. Both induce a sort of vertigo – which I presume was intended and is not, per se, unpleasant.

Seen at Dendy Newtown on 7 January


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