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Crossing to Ireland with Pierce Bronsan: Sunday 26 July 2015 (Day 63)

It rained overnight and now it’s an ugly day – windy, cool, rain blowing about.

I’m enjoying the laziness – I’m having a (not bad) flat white with a pain au chocolat. I wrote post cards. I’m watching pedestrians in the rain.


My hostel host recommended the pasties from Ffwrn but they’ve sold out. (I’ve no idea how to pronounce that, by the way.) I’m having a delicious savory pie instead – cooked on site in their wood-fired oven. This is someplace, if I had a bit more time, I could have settled in for a rainy day of reading, punctuated with baked goods.

But instead I buy some anti-motion sickness pills, repack my bicycle, and roll down to the port. In the rain.

They are showing Mama Mia on the ferry. As many times as I see this film it still makes me happy and a little teary. I have an enormous, inexplicable, soft-spot for it. That’s not quite true, but explaining it would probably be more tragic than leaving it lie.

The ferry arrives late into Rosslare and my train has come and gone. So I get a bus to Wexford where I’ll meet Cornelia.

The radio was playing Van Halen’s Jump when I boarded, which makes me a little sad. It’s a reminder of my ex-husband as I arrive another place I thought we would visit together. Ah well. Let’s think about Pierce Brosnan’s tragic singing instead.

It’s so bad, it’s charming.

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