At the Graiguenamanagh Tinnahinch Regatta: Sunday 2 August 2015 (Day 70)

We had lunch at the Step House Hotel in Borris then visited the Graiguenamanagh Tinnahinch Regatta.

The regatta entailed, mostly, young people who looked very cold for having spent time in the Borris River while swimming, splashing, diving, etc. There was a brass band with an average age in their late 60s, an excitable announcer I couldn’t understand, cheering friends and family, and a photographer from the local paper to record the lot.

It was really charming. We finished the day with 99s and I felt a part of this quiet country Irish lifestyle.

Ireland Summer
Ireland Summer
The sitting-in-a-tube-splash-backwards-across-the-river race.
The sitting-in-a-tube-splash-backwards-across-the-river race.
Play on, gentlemen.
Play on, gentlemen.
One for this week's local rag.
One for this week’s local rag.

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