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Elizabeth Everett Cage

About Me

G’day. Hey there. Welcome.

My name is Elizabeth.

I love nothing more than riding my bicycle through quiet and beautiful landscapes.

Except, maybe, sharing my experiences of travel and exploration through my blog posts.

And, also, encouraging, helping, and inspiring other people who want to get out and explore.

And, now, and this is a new thing, a new idea – helping businesses dedicated to bicycle travel do a better job delivering their message and attracting new customers.

If you’re one of those business owners and you’ve landed here after receiving an email from me: Hello!

Thanks, so much for clicking through. My business is new, but I’ve been a writer and communications professional for a long time. I invite you to have a look around and get to know me.

These are a few of my favourite bicycling blog posts:

Riding Alone (Day 1: Scone to Gundy)

Bicycling Italy: Along the Adige River

Riding My Bicycle in France: Days with Fallen Australian Soldiers

A Bicycle Riding Holiday: Day to from Collector to Gunning

If you like what you see here, let’s talk about the challenges your business is facing and how I can help you solve them. 

If you’ve landed on this page because you’ve stumbled across one of my blog posts – Hello!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you do – please feel free to comment on your favourite posts or ask questions using this form or sign up to receive new posts.

I Can Help

Elizabeth Everett Cage

Bicycle Touring Companies

I can help your business through creating content that will appeal to everyone from the casual cyclist to the seasoned bicycle tourer. I can do everything from writing a multi-year communications strategy and producing all your communications material to helping you tweak your website copy so it's just right.

Elizabeth Everett Cage

Destinations Seeking Bicycle Tourists

If you're a local tourist board looking to encourage bicycling touring in your region, I can help. Whether you are starting from the beginning and need help developing and implementing a plan, or you're further along in the process but need new content and ideas, we can work together to make sure your region is bicycle-tourist friendly.

Have A Project In Mind? A Problem to Solve?

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