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Elizabeth Everett Cage

About Me

Hey there. I’m Elizabeth Everett Cage*. I’m an American-Australian bicycle tourist, writer, and communications professional.

What I love to do most is to help people solve the problems which are keeping them from their goals. If you want to get more people to sign up for the bicycle tours you are offering, or get more bicycle tourists to visit your fantastic corner of the world, I want to have a look at your website, your brochure, your social media and try to figure out how to improve your messaging and how to get that message in front of more people.

Why have I chosen to focus on bicycle touring? The simple answer is I believe there’s no better way to spend time than riding a bicycle across the countryside. It is the best way to travel, because on a bicycle you are completely present – you feel, you smell, you hear, you taste – while also being mentally busy enough – staying upright, finding your way, avoiding potholes, motor vehicles, and livestock – so as to find a perfect sort of mindfulness. Presumably, you know this already and that’s part of why you are running a bicycle tourism business or working with a tourist board trying to get more bicyclists to visit your area.

My professional path has been varied and wandering – from Bill Clinton’s White House to the Sydney office of Major League Baseball, via time spent in public affairs and managing projects and communications for membership organisations. For over 25 years, I have been handling communications and project management while also being involved in strategic planning.

In 2015-2016, I combined these skills and applied them to a personal project. I took a mid-life gap year which included about four months of solo, unsupported bicycle touring in Europe and Australia. I wrote about those experiences in a series of e-newsletters and blog posts.

Since that journey, I have been trying to decide what to do next, how to marry my passions with my capabilities in service to something I believe matters.

What I’ve landed on is this – I want to help you help more people discover what we already know – that bicycle touring is a truly wonderful way to see the world, without doing it too much harm to the planet, while discovering something new about yourself while you are at it.

So, what are your challenges? How can I help?

*I go with the full mouthful because there are two authors out there called Elizabeth Cage, one writing erotica and another, young adult fiction, and there is also the main character in a thriller-fantasy series called, you guessed it, Elizabeth Cage. So, Elizabeth Everett Cage it is – which sounds quite serious, I know, so feel free to try out your favourite nickname for Elizabeth’s and I’m good with that too.

I Can Help

Elizabeth Everett Cage

Bicycle Touring Companies

I can help your business through creating content that will appeal to everyone from the casual cyclist to the seasoned bicycle tourer. I can do everything from writing a multi-year communications strategy and producing all your communications material to helping you tweak your website copy so it's just right.

Elizabeth Everett Cage

Destinations Seeking Bicycle Tourists

If you're a local tourist board looking to encourage bicycling touring in your region, I can help. Whether you are starting from the beginning and need help developing and implementing a plan, or you're further along in the process but need new content and ideas, we can work together to make sure your region is bicycle-tourist friendly.

Have A Project In Mind? A Problem to Solve?

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